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Gear-Up Surfcasting Bucktail Pouch

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The Gear-Up Bucktail Pouch is the ultimate bag for holding bucktails while surfcasting! This lightweight yet rugged bag is constructed of three layers of dacron sailcloth that is nearly indestructible! Inside there are 11 slots for holding bucktails. Five slots hold up to 5 oz bucktails and 6 slots hold up to 2 1/2 oz bucktails. There are also inner flaps to keep your gear inside the bag even if you are hit by a big wave. There are four grommets on the bottom that provide excellent drainage. On the outside is 4" of military industrial Velcro closure as well as a heavy-duty buckle. Attach this bucktail pouch to your belt using the 2" belt loops. If you are fishing light and you just want to bring some bucktails or if you have a surf bag but want a bucktail pouch on your belt then you have to get a Gear-Up Bucktail Pouch. They are the best of the best!

Gear-Up Bucktail Pouches are available in black and white. They come with a lifetime warranty.

Models: G-UP-BT-PCH