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Helly Hansen Roskilde Crewneck Warm Base Layer

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Helly Hansen’s Roskilde Crew Neck Shirt will not disappoint when it comes to superior warmth, even in the nastiest winter squall! Featuring a blended, unique material that is part Lifa® polypropylene moisture wicking fabric, and part genuine Merino wool, the Roskilde is specifically designed to keep you dry and warm from the inside out. Helly Hansen’s patented Lifa® material is naturally anti-bacterial, so you can be rest assured your skin will remain irritation-free and ready for battle! A must in cold weather environments, you can wear your Roskilde Crew Neck Shirt under surf tops, sweatshirts, foul weather gear, or any heavy overgarment for unparalleled comfort.

Helly Hansen’s Roskilde Crew Neck Shirt comes with an extended tail to ensure a snug fit under your pants – no unpleasant drafts you know where! The Roskilde Crew Neck Shirt is available in black, and comes in a variety of sizes. 

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