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Hogy Pro Tail Eels

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Hogy Pro Tail Eels are a great saltwater pre-rigged bait when targeting large inshore fish. The Pro Tail Eel is constructed of high quality plastic that is extremely durable and rugged. It can handle several strikes from hungry fish before it needs to be replaced. These Hogy softbaits are UV infused so they are visible in low light conditions. Hogy Pro Tail Eels look like a baitfish in the water. The fast tapered eel tail pulsates in the water and nearby fish can't resist this realistic presentation. Hogy Pro Tail Eels come pre-rigged with a weighted keel and a 3X 6/0 (4 3/4" and 7" models only) or 10/0 VMC Barbarian Jig Hook that is super sharp and will lead to more successful hookups. Striped bass find Hogy Pro Tail Eels irresistible! Try one out. You will love the results! Fish them from the boat, pier or the beach!

Hogy Pro Tail Eels are available in three lengths. The 4 3/4" weighs 1 oz and is available in five great colors. The 7" model is available in 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 oz models in seven colors. The 9" model is available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 oz in a variety of colors.

Models: PT41E, PT71E, PT72E, PT91E, PT92E, PT93E, PT94E