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Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro

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The Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro gives you all the benefits of a Dartspin that's pre-rigged. It features a weighted 1/8 oz weedless hook that is sharp and will lead to clean hookups. The Dartspin Pro is a terrific freshwater and saltwater bait. It is constructed of a super elastic, incredibly durable soft plastic, that can handle multiple strikes and retains its integrity. The Dartspin has a willow blade in the back that is secured and won't pull out. It gives the bait that extra vibration in the water that will attract nearby fish and entice them to strike! This bait was designed by the one and only Patrick Sebile, who has designed some of the most innovative fishing products of all time. If you want top catch more fish, tie a Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro to your line and hit the water!

Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro baits are 5 1/2" and are available in three terrific colors. Choose from Bunker, Glass Minnow and White Ghost. All three are proven!

Models: HYLSDSPW5.5