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Soft Plastics

Hyperlastics Dartspin

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The Hyperlastics Dartspin is amazing in both freshwater and saltwater. Constructed of a super elastic, incredibly durable soft plastic, the Dartspin holds up well strike after strike. The unique design makes it the perfect for fishing on its own on a screwlock hook or as a trailer for jig heads, bucktails, bass jigs, buzz baits and more! It features a channel down the middle that can accommodate many different size hooks. In the back is a willow blade that is secured and won't pull out. If you want to add action to your lure, give a Hyperlastics Dartspin to it. Designed by Patrick Sebile, this will take your fishing to the next level!

Hyperlastics Dartspins are 5 1/2" and are available in several colors. Choose from Black n' Blue, Pearly Silver, Purple Pearly, See-Through Clear/Gold and UV/Pink.

Models: HYLSDS5.5