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Madd Mantis Bay Anchovy Jigs

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Madd Mantis Bay Anchovy Jigs will help you catch more albies from the beach! These metal jigs have a thin design that makes them cast great and swim naturally in the water. They feature 3D eyes and a terrific holographic finish that will reflect a lot of light, attracting hungry albies. John Skinner started fishing Madd Mantis Bay Anchovy Jigs this season and has already seen great success. Give one a try and go catch some albies!

Here's what John had to say about these jigs: "These life-like jigs cast like a bullet yet are easy to skip on the surface. False Albacore hammer these lures even in challenging calm conditions. When the wind is in your face, the 2-ounce model cuts right through to reach the fish."

Madd Mantis Bay Anchovy Jigs come in 1 oz and 2 oz models in three great colors. Choose from Pink Back, Red Head and Silver Back. They come unrigged so you will need to add a split ring and a hook. We recommend a good treble.

Models: BAJ