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Maxel Rage Lever Drag Reels

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Anglers all over the world have been going crazy over Maxel Rage Lever Drag Reels! These small, lightweight and powerful reels are perfect for slow pitch jigging and different styles of bottom fishing. The Rage looks very similar to the Hybrid but is so much more refined. It features a really smooth lever drag system that ramps up slowly. The dual carbon drag system puts out a lot of drag at max and when combined with heat treated stainless steel gears, will stop very large fish in their tracks! The Rage features nine sealed stainless steel ball bearings and dual clutch bearings that deliver bullet-proof anti-reverse. The body, spool and handle are constructed of aluminum so the reel is lightweight and rigid. Maxel put a recessed stainless steel reel foot on the Rage that will fit on all modern rods. Whether you use it for jigging or bottom fishing you are going to have an amazing experience with the Rage!

Maxel Rage Lever Drag Reels are designed to be fished with braided lines. They are available in the 25, 60H, 90N and 90 size in black/gold and purple/black.

Models: RAGE25H, RAGE60H, RAGE90N, RAGE90