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Megabass Magslowl Swimbait

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The Megabass Magslowl Swimbait is your go-to slow retrieve bait. Megabass makes amazing baits by using their technological know-how to make them as realistic as possible. The Magslowl is softer than other baits Megabass makes and the focus is on keeping the head constant while the tail thumps back and forth in a rhythmic pattern. This gives the Magslowl a very realistic swimming action that attracts hungry fish. It features the Maghold system that uses an internal magnet to hold the treble hook close to the body so as not to disrupt the swimming motion and to balance the bait so that it swims as it should. If you're trying to catch big bass, give a Megabass Magslowl Swimbait try. You will love the results! 

Megabass Magslowl Swimbaits are 7" in length and weigh 1 1/4 oz. They come rigged with a #1 treble hook with a feather. They are available in Pearl Shad, which is a deadly color! Fish these made in Japan swimbaits at a slow pace.

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