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Megabass Shadow XX Surf Spinning Rods

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Megabass Shadow XX Surf Spinning Rods will blow your mind! This rod is changing the game for open beach fishing. These rods weigh less than 7 ozs and will outcast your old school (or new school) 10' surf rod with throw lures, tins or bucktails up to 1 1/2 ozs. Pair it with a 3000 or 4000 size spinning reel with 15 or 20 lb braid and you can fish all day long without getting tired. Wait, I thought you need a 6000 size spinning reel to balance a 10' rod? Not anymore! The Megabass Shadow XX Surf Spinning Rods feature a short butt, like the length you would fish on a boat. Instead of being hunched over fishing the rod between your legs, you fish it standing up in your hip. The rods are so strong and powerful that you can control big fish. These rods have Fuji SiC guides and are made for fishing braided lines. With little effort you will get a tremendous amount of distance. You'll dump 3/4 of the spool with a cast. Imagine fishing with a combo that weighs under a lb! The future is here so buy a Megabass Shadow XX Surf Spinning Rod and hit the open beach!

Megabass Shadow XX Surf Spinning Rods are available in 10' and 11' models. They come with a nice case. These are open beach rods and are not designed to fish Montauk or areas with very strong current.

Models: SXX-100M, SXX-110M