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Norcalkat Slappin Pencil Poppers

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When it comes to building high quality wooden fishing plugs, Orlando from Norcalkat Custom Wood is the truth! One of his most highly regarded designs is the NorcalKat Slappin Pencil Popper. This plug is deadly when targeting striped bass from the beach. As you retrieve it, it moves side to side and slaps the water to attract nearby fish. What separates it in terms of performance is that unlike with other pencils, you don't have to work the rod very hard to get it to move the way you want it to. You softly pump the rod while making one rotation of the handle every 2 seconds. In terms of quality, it is at the top of the heap. The plug is hand made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar. After it is painted it gets two coats of protective epoxy. It features stainless steel thruwire construction and a 4X VMC treble in the middle, where most striped bass strikes occur on this plug. There is a single hook on the back to make it easier to release bluefish when they are around. All Norcalkat Slappin Pencil Poppers are made one at a time without a duplicator so each one is unique. Weighs will vary. 

Norcalkat Slappin Pencil Poppers are available in several proven colors. Choose form 6" and 7" models. The 6" generally weigh around 2 1/2 ozs while the 7" weigh around 2 3/4 oz. All plugs are Made in the USA!

Models: SPP6, SPP7