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Ocean Born Flying Pencill 160 Plugs

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Ocean Born Flying Pencill 160 Plugs come from the brilliant mind of legendary designer Patrick Sebile. He is one of the most innovative and successful fishing lure creators of all time. After leaving Sebile, the brand he sold to Pure Fishing a decade ago, Patrick has gone back to his roots to create more excellent fishing lures. The Ocean Born Flying Pencill 160 Plug is a hard plastic lure that is robust enough to handle offshore fish and big cow striped bass. It features stainless steel thru wire construction, 3D eyes and 4X-6X treble hooks. Sebile takes things to the next level by incorporating side wings with angled tail wings that will keep the lure in the air longer while casting and provides lift when in the water. There are low air friction ribs on the bottom of the plug that serves dual purposes. It dramatically increases casting distance, even on very windy days and displaces water and causes commotion when you pop it on the surface. If distance, an attractive presentation and performance are things that matter to you then you need to add an Ocean Born Flying Pencill 160 Plug to your surf bag or offshore arsenal. They work really well and will help you catch more fish!

Ocean Born Flying Pencill 160 Plugs are 6 1/3" in length and come in floating which weighs 2 1/2 ozs, sinking which weighs 3 ozs and Super Long Distance which weighs 4 1/2 ozs. If you fish the Cape Cod Canal, the SLD is a must for you! Choose from Dotted Yellow (chicken scratch), Bunker and White Ghost (very similar to Ghostescence for you Sebile fans). We also have the SLD in Green Mackerel. Buy one for yourself and for a friend. Perfect for surfcasting or targeting big pelagics from a boat!

Models: Flying Pencill 160 FL, Flying Pencill 160 SK, Flying Pencill 160 SLD