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Ocean Born Flying Popper 140 Plugs

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Ocean Born Flying Popper 140 Plugs are the creation of famed designer Patrick Sebile. Never heard of him? He is one of the most innovative and successful lure creators in recent history. Sebile started Ocean Born to bring more of his creative and effective designs to anglers around the world. The Ocean Born Flying 140 Popper is a hard plastic Little Neck style lure that features stainless steel thru wire construction, big 3D eyes and 4X-6X treble hooks. These are all features you would find on many poppers. Sebile separates himself by including side wings with angled tail wings and low air friction ribs on the bottom of the plug that dramatically increases casting distance, even when the wind picks up. The wings will also provide lift when it is in the water and with the ribs causing commotion on the surface, you get a great displacement of water. If you need extra distance on your casts to get to fish that are just a bit out of reach with other plugs, try throwing an Ocean Born Flying 140 Popper.

Ocean Born Flying 140 Poppers are 5 1/2" in length and come in floating which weighs 2 ozs, sinking which weighs 2 3/4 ozs and Super Long Distance which weighs 4 ozs. If you fish the Cape Cod Canal, the SLD is a must for you! Choose from Dotted Yellow (chicken scratch), Bunker and White Ghost (very similar to Ghostescence for you Sebile fans). We also have the SLD in Green Mackerel. Buy one for yourself and for a friend. Perfect for surfcasting or targeting big pelagics from a boat!

Models: Flying Popper 140 FL, Flying Popper 140 SK, Flying Popper 140 SLD