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Okuma Makaira Two-Speed Reels

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The Okuma Makaira. Just saying that name brings to mind images of marlin tail-walking across a sunsplashed Panamanian horizon. The Makaira 2 speed offshore reel is designed to compete with the best of the best – I’m talking the Tiagra, International, Avet EX and so on, at a MUCH better price point. Perhaps the folks at Okuma felt they needed to step their game up when they decided to team up with Tiburon Engineering to produce a next-generation big game reel. Whatever their reasons, the results are astounding! The Makaira 2 Speed boasts numerous amenities including Okuma’s patented Carbonite multi-layered drag system that puts the screws to blistering billfish, 4 (6 on the 80) ABEC-5 Sapporo stainless steel ball bearings, a custom designed thrust bearing to alleviate side load under extreme drag stress, heavy duty 17-4 stainless steel drive and spool shafts, and special helical cut gears for increased torque and improved gear meshing. If it swims, the Makaira can catch it - plain and simple.

Okuma Makaira 2 Speed offshore reels come with a patented spoon pin system to ensure it can handle either monofilament, or braided superline. The Makaira 2 speed comes in standard offshore sizes – 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 80 – all available in wide models as well. Don’t let the price fool you, the Makaira is worth its weight in gold – and you’ll find out when smoothly cranking down on the fish of a lifetime. 

Models: MK-8II, MK-10II, MK-10IISEa, MK-15II, MK-15IISEa, MK-16II, MK-16IISEa, MK-20II, MK-20IISEa, MK-30II, MK-30IISEa, MK-50II, MK-50IISEa, MK-10WII, MK-80WII