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Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit

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The Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit includes a 10g tube of CorrosionX HD reel lube and a 30g tub of Cal's Universal Reel Grease. CorrosionX HD is a high performance lube that creates a thick layer of protection to stop moisture and corrosion. Cal's Universal Reel Grease provides ultimate corrosion protection, smooth drag performance, excellent heat and wear resistance and reduction of gear train friction making it esier to crank the handle. Use it on drags, gears and spool shafts. Keep your Okuma fishing reel in good working order with this great reel maintenance kit!

Okuma Reel Maintenance Kits are perfect for your favorite Okuma fishing reel or any fishing reel you own.

Models: RMK-3010