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Sun Masks

Pelagic Patriot Sunshield Sun Mask

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The Pelagic Patriot Sunshield Sun Mask is the American face mask you've been waiting for! Pelagic has flipped the Americamo pattern and pulled all the color out for a stealthy monochrome look! If Americamo is too flashy, Patriot is just right! Wear this lightweight sun mask on the water to protect yourself from the sun! It provides not only SPF 50 protection, but also protects for your head, neck, face and ears from wind burn. It is completely breathable and wicks away moisture to keep your head cool when the mercury rises. You need to protect yourself from the sun and wind while on the water. Sun burn and wind burn are no joke! Get yourself a Pelagic Patriot Sunshield. It delivers high performance and will look so good in all of your fish pics!

Pelagic Patriot Sunshields are 11" wide by 16" long. They are monochrome. 

Models: 1220191001-PAT