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Pelagic The Wedge Skirt Chaser Boardshorts

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Pelagic The Wedge Skirt Chaser Boardshorts are all about fishing and summer. These stylish shorts take you back in time with iconic images of fish, anchors, snelled hooks, messages in bottles and even a few mermaids that look like something a surly boat worker would have tattooed on his arm. Made of 4-way stretch material, these boardshorts move with your body, making them incredibly comfortable. They are extremely lightweight and are stain and water repellent If they do get wet, don't worry. They are designed to dry very quickly. Pelagic The Wedge Skirt Chaser Boardshorts have a zippered pocket on the front right, a Velcro pocket on the back right and a reinforced tool pocket. Whether you wear them on the boat, at the beach or around town, these shorts will perform at a high level while letting everyone know that you are all about the fishing lifestyle!

Pelagic The Wedge Skirt Chaser Boardshorts are available in sizes 30-40. They are navy with red accents.  

Models: 1001191005