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Penn Torque Star Drag Reels

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The new Penn Torque Star Drag Reels are a huge improvement over the previous generation! Penn has completely redesigned these reels cutting out a tremendous amount of weight. The new Torques features all metal construction, including an aluminum spool. Eight ball bearings make them extremely smooth and the drag system is great. You get 25 lbs of max drag out of each reel. They are perfect for bottom fishing, or jigging for those big fish. Use the Torque for inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing. Penn has poured a lot of technology into these reels to give the angler a satisfying fishing experience. If you are looking to buy a powerful star drag reel that will last you a very long time, give the Penn Torque a try. You'll be impressed by them. We certainly are.

Penn Torque Star Drag Reels are available in several sizes with a gold anodized finish.

Models: TRQ12, TRQ15, TRQ25, TRQ25N, TRQ30, TRQ40