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Rapala RipStop Minnow Jerkbait

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Rapala RipStop Minnow Jerkbaits are new for 2017! Rapala engineers have been hard at work crafting a bait that has to be in your arsenal! The RipStop is easy to use and has great side to side motion in the water. The built-in boot tail stops the bait dead in its tracks and gives the fish a unique presentation. The sides of the bait are flat with flash on the lower half of both sides that throws off a lot of light and will get the attention of hungry fish. Rapala RipStop Minnow Jerkbaits are outfitted with VMC Black Nickel Fine Wire Treble Hooks that are razor sharp! The Rapala RipStop Minnow Jerkbait is an extremely versatile bait. There are so many ways to fish it and you have to try them all!

Rapala RipStop Minnow Jerkbaits are 3 1/2" in length and weigh 1/4 oz. They run 3'-4' deep. Choose from six great colors including albino shiner, goby, herring, marilyn, moss back shiner, and silver.