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S&S Bucktails John Skinner Fluke Bucktail Bundle

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The S&S John Skinner Fluke Bucktail Bundle is for anglers who love fishing for fluke. All of the bucktails in this kit were designed by John Skinner, the most influential fluke angler in the country and proudly made in the USA! This kit comes with 12 S&S John Skinner Fluke Bucktails inside a great foam lined hard plastic case. Inside you'll find 4 pieces of 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 oz bucktails in John's favorite colors. You'll get pearl white, chartreuse/pearl, pink/pearl and baby sea robin, which you will only find in this kit!

Here's what John Skinner has to say about his bucktails: “These bucktails have the right size high quality Gamakatsu hooks that set and hold easily. The proper hair density provides natural action that entice fish to strike. From the paint finish to the wrapping, they’re made to last.” 

S&S John Skinner Fluke Bucktail Bundles come complete with the bucktails already arranged inside the case. We do all the work for you! This kit is the perfect gift for any angler who loves fishing for fluke! Made in the USA!