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S&S Bucktails John Skinner Porgy & Blackfish Jig Bundle

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Anglers have been slaying the blackfish on the S&S John Skinner Porgy & Blackfish Jigs so it was a no-brainer to create a bundle. This kit comes with 12 assorted jigs in glow chartreuse, golden clam and crab guts in a Plano double-sided plastic case that is very durable. They feature a banana shaped head with a sharp short gap 3X Mustad single fixed hook that gives you a better hookup ratio than wider gap hooks. Here's what John Skinner has to say about the jigs he designed:

“Most experienced blackfish anglers will tell you that blackfish can be difficult to hook. These jigs make it easy. The jig is designed to sit on the bottom with the hook bend pointing up. When a blackfish picks up this jig, which features a relatively small and razor sharp hook, it's already in contact with or past those big “tog” lips. At this point it's actually difficult to pull the jig away without hooking the fish. The 3X strong hook sets very easily and is strong enough to pull big fish out of structure. As it was originally designed for, it also makes an awesome porgy jig. Just drop it to the bottom baited with your favorite blackfish or porgy bait, set the hook when you feel a few taps, then hold on!”

S&S John Skinner Porgy & Blackfish Jig Bundles come complete with the jigs already arranged inside the case. This kit is the perfect gift for any angler who loves fishing for blackfish or porgies! Made in the USA!