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S&S Bucktails John Skinner Striped Bass Bucktail Bundle

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The S&S John Skinner Striped Bass Bucktail Bundle is a terrific assortment of surf bucktails. Built in the USA to the exact specifications of one of the leading surfcasters in America, this bundle features a great collection of bucktails any striper angler would love. This kit comes with 10 S&S John Skinner Striped Bass Bucktails inside a great foam lined hard plastic case. Inside you'll get pearl, chartreuse, flourescent yellow, red death and and chicken scratch, which you will only find in this kit! Four 3/4 oz, four 1 oz and 2 1 1/2 oz bucktails for a total of ten in each kit.

Here's what John Skinner has to say about his bucktails: “These bucktails are a more polished version of the ones I’ve made for myself for decades. The hook sizes are chosen to set easily with any appropriate rod, while holding up to large fish. The combination of proper hair density and feathers tied to the hook shank provide an attractive profile in a jig that casts well. From the paint to the wrappings, these jigs are made in the USA with quality in mind. I’m proud to have my name associated with them.”

S&S John Skinner Striped Bass Bucktail Bundles come with V2 bucktails. This kit is the perfect gift for any angler who loves fishing for striped bass! Made in the USA!