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S&S Bucktails John Skinner V2 Striped Bass Bucktails

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S&S John Skinner V2 Striped Bass Bucktails have been redesigned for 2020. What was already one of the best bucktail for striped bass fishing has gotten even better. S&S was able to drastically increase the size of the eyelet making it so much easier to fish with TA clips. It makes switching bucktails on the water during the day or night so much faster so you waste less time messing with your gear and can get back to fishing. S&S John Skinner V2 Striped Bass Bucktails are built using a custom smiling bill style head. They feature a full amount of hair, a super sharp Mustad fixed hook and hackle to make nearby fish go wild! These bucktails are perfect for fishing from the beach or fish them in the classic 3-way style from a boat. They will definitely increase your chances of hooking up!

Here's what John Skinner has to say about his bucktails: “These bucktails are a more polished version of the ones I’ve made for myself for decades. The hook sizes are chosen to set easily with any appropriate rod, while holding up to large fish. The combination of proper hair density and feathers tied to the hook shank provide an attractive profile in a jig that casts well. From the paint to the wrappings, these jigs are made in the USA with quality in mind. I’m proud to have my name associated with them.”

This bucktail design is what John will be fishing with all season long. Add a few S&S John Skinner V2 Striped Bass Bucktails to your arsenal. They are 100% designed by John and brought to life by the creative team at S&S. Proudly made in the USA!

S&S John Skinner Striped Bass Bucktails are available in sizes 1/2-5 oz in chartreuse glow, fluorescent yellow, pearl, daytime and night time. We just added Ultimate Squid, which uses a VMC Barbarian hook. John Skinner approved!

Models: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 4, 5