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S&S Bucktails John Skinner Gulf Series Sheepshead Jigs

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John Skinner might just like Florida as much as he does fishing! What's not to like? With access to several species during the winter months, John's killing it from the kayak and the beach! S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Sheepshead Jigs are specifically designed for fishing in Florida and around the Gulf. S&S and John worked together to create the perfect jig for catching sheepshead after sheepshead. The boxing glove shaped body with the super sharp Mustad hook will work extremely well on the flats or jigging in shallow water. The finishes were designed to match local bait.

Here's what John Skinner has to say about his Sheepshead Jigs: Bait-tipped jigs have been a favorite for Northern blackfish (Tautog) anglers for years. The same approach works equally well for Southern species, such as Sheepshead. The challenge with Sheepshead is that a small but very strong hook is required. These jigs have been designed with the perfect hooks for Sheepshead, but will make excellent porgy jigs as well. Tipped with shrimp or crabs in Southern waters, these jigs will catch just about everything that swims. Most importantly, they have strong enough hooks to hold a big snook, redfish, or whatever grabs it. Use as light a weight jig as is possible to keep the jig on the bottom, and hold on!” 

John will be fishing with the Gulf Series Sheepshead Jigs when he is fishing in the Gulf and now you can too! Buy a few S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Sheepshead Jigs. They are 100% designed by John and brought to life by the great guys at S&S. Made in the USA!

S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Sheepshead Jigs are available in sizes 1/8-3/8 oz in Fiddler Crab and Mud Crab. Both patterns are super effective! John Skinner approved. There are two jigs in every pack.

Models: SHG-1/8, SHG-1/4,SHG-3/8