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S&S Bucktails Game Over Flutter Jigs

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S&S Game Over Flutter Jigs are designed for catching big striped bass! These metal jigs have been tested at Montauk with great results. You fish them like you would a diamond jig by letting them rise up and then letting them flutter down. This motion will attract nearby fish to strike! These jigs have been chromed out with a touch of color and 3D eyes, all to get the fish's attention. S&S Game Over Flutter Jigs come unrigged so you can configure them however you like. Try putting trebles on them or dressed single hooks. However you fish them, they are going to catch fish! Stanley at S&S has been working on this design for a while and the results of his labor will show when you bring up that trophy bass!

S&S Game Over Flutter Jigs are handmade in the USA. They are available in 2-5 oz in five great colors. Choose from Chrome, Chrome/Blue, Chrome/Green, Chrome/Pink and Glow. They are constructed of lead and a few other metals and are perfect for fishing in deep water with braided lines.

Models: GOJ-2, GOJ-3, GOJ-4, GOJ-5