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S&S Bucktails Dressed Inline Hooks

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S&S Dressed Inline Hooks are a great way to upgrade your fishing lures! You do a lot less damage to the fish when you replace the rear treble hook with an inline single. S&S Dressed Inline Hooks are built on a 3X VMC inline hook and are wrapped with bucktail to make them more appealing when they are on your lure. These hooks are extremely sharp and will give you the strong hook ups you've been looking for. Whether you fish from a boat or are surfcasting on the beach, these dressed inline hooks will work! If you want to protect the striped bass, snook or any species you are targeting, swap out your rear treble hook for an S&S Dressed Inline Hook.

S&S Dressed Inline Hooks come two to a pack. They are available in 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes in four great colors. Choose from black, chartreuse, white and yellow. Made in the USA.

Models: SS-DI3/0, SS-DI4/0, SS-DI5/0