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S&S Bucktails Dressed Open Eye Treble Hooks

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S&S Dressed Open Eye Treble Hooks are a great replacement hook! Swap out your naked trebles for one of these. The Mustad 3X Open Eye Treble Hook is dressed with bucktail hair in the USA for a great presentation. This hook is very strong and can handle multiple big inshore fish. They are extremely easy to use. You can just crimp them onto your lures, either on the hook hangar or use a split ring. With that said, S&S does a really great job tying these lures. If you're going to fish dressed hooks having one that is high quality makes a lot of sense. You can really take you striped bass and snook lures to the next level.

S&S Dressed Open Eye Treble Hooks come two to a pack. They are available in 3/0 and 4/0 sizes in both chartreuse and white. Made in the USA.

Models: SS-DT3/0, SS-DT4/0


Hook Size - 3/0

Style - 3X Open Eye Dressed Treble Hook

Pieces - 2

Hook Color - White