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S&S Bucktails EliasVFishing Ultimate Bullet Jig Heads

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S&S EliasVFishing Ultimate Bullet Jig Heads are you're go-to hook for soft plastics! Designed by S&S and EliasV, the Ultimate Jig Head is strong, sharp and will take any soft plastic to the next level. By incorporating the latest and greatest 4X strong hook from Mustad, these jig heads will maintain their integrity when you hook into a big striped bass, snook or tarpon. The wire gauge is extra thick so you don't have to worry about losing fish because your jig head failed. S&S EliasVFishing Ultimate Bullet Jig Heads feature two oversized Angry Barbs that will lock your soft plastic into place and will keep it there, even after multiple strikes from hungry fish! They also have 3-D eyes that add to the realism. If you're serious about fishing and need to upgrade your hooks, try a pack of S&S EliasVFishing Ultimate Bullet Jig Heads. These are the same jig heads that EliasV fishes with!

Here's what EliasV has to say about these jig heads: "The right match with the Elias shad and other soft plastics. Double oversized barbs to properly secure soft baits and a tough hook that won’t give. Run this when fishing baits 5”-7” for trophy sized stripers and you won’t be disappointed!"

S&S EliasVFishing Ultimate Bullet Jig Heads come two to a pack and are available in chartreuse/glow, red and white. They are perfectly sized to fit EliasVFishing Extreme Shads but will enhance any soft plastic on the market. Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 oz. They are 100% Made in the USA!

Models: EVF-UJH-1/2, EVF-UJH-3/4, EVF-UJH-1, EVF-UJH-1 1/2, EVF-UJH-2