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S&S Bucktails Flarehawks

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S&S Flarehawks are finally here! For years angler have been asking J&H to carry Flarehawk jigs. We reached out to S&S and asked them to make the perfect Flarehawk and they delivered! The S&S Flarehawk is built on a teardrop head with big recessed 3D eyes that hungry fish find enticing. It surrounds a super sharp 3X strong Mustad 32824 Black Nickel Hook that won't bend out when you are hooked into a big fish! They are strong enough to handle tuna. S&S uses a lot of artifical hair with a long tail so the lure will puff in the water and perfectly immitate a baitfish. These Flarehawks are hand tied in the USA to the highest standards! The quality cannot be understated. Years ago people thought we were crazy to come out with a high end bucktail. They said it was too expensive. That series of bucktails is so popular now that there are times we can't keep it in stock. That bucktail delivers more fish to the boat than the less expensive ones, not because of the price but because of the quality. It has the right amount of hair, the right hook and the paint job holds up for a very long time. Now S&S has done that to the Flarehawk. If you've never fished a Flarehawk, you're missing out! Snook, striped bass and other game fish can't resist it. Buy one today. You'll be glad you did!

S&S Flare Hawk Jigs are available in 1-3 ozs. Choose from four awesome colorways. Chartreuse/White /Red, Pink/Chartreuse/Purple, Purple/White/Black and White/Red. The first color is the top. Second color is the bottom and the third color is the tail. The White/Red has an all white with a red tail. Made in the USA!

Models: FH-1, FH-1 1/2, FH-2, FH-3


Color - Pink/Chartreuse/Purple

Length - 9"

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Flarehawk Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited