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S&S Bucktails Flerk Magerk Jig Heads

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S&S Flerk Magerk Jig Heads are wicked! Sure they have a silly name but they are extremely effective when targeting fluke! The Flerk Magerk features a glowing round lead head with a super sharp Owner or VMC Barbarian Hook. It features a custom built silicon skirt that has amazing action in the water and will entice hungry fluke to strike. Large 3D eyes add to its incredible presentation. Put a Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet or your trailer of choice on the back and you are good to go! If you want to catch more fluke this season, give an S&S Flerk Magerk Jig Head a try.

S&S Flerk Magerk Jig Heads are available in 1/2-6 oz. All of the head sizes have glow paint on them. The 3 oz-6 oz models have a longer hook shank on them for bigger Gulp.  and the 1 1/2-6 oz models have internal rattles. They are available in four colors to match with your favorite Gulp. Choose from Blue Fuze, Chartreuse, Fire Tiger, Nuclear Chicken, Pink Shine, Spearing, White Glow and Wonderbread. Made in the USA!

Models: SS-FM-1/2, SS-FM-3/4, SS-FM-1, SS-FM-1 1/2, SS-FM-2, SS-FM-3, SS-FM-4, SS-FM-5, SS-FM-6