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S&S Bucktails Game Over Slimtail Bucktails

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S&S Game Over Slimtail Bucktails are a surfcaster's dream! This bucktail features a thin cone shaped head that will give you incredible distance when fishing from the beach! The body is constructed of bucktail, hackle, peacock herl and a little bit of flash. It is the perfect imitation of a sandeel or any baitfish that striped bass like to feed on. S&S has outfitted them with super sharp Mustad hooks and 3D eyes. If you're looking for a new surf bucktail, you have to try an S&S Game Over Slimtail Bucktail. Some of the J&H employees have already fished them with great success! 

S&S Game Over Slimtail Bucktails are hand tied in the USA. They are available in sizes 3/4-3 oz in three awesome colors. Choose from Pearl, Red Death and Sandeel. These American bucktails are high quality!

Models: GOSB-3/4, GOSB-1, GOSB-1 1/4, GOSB-1 1/2, GOSB-2, GOSB-3