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S&S Bucktails Game Over Tins

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S&S Game Over Tins are perfect for surfcasting! These 100% made in America tins cast great! The built in keel will keep these tins from spinning in the water and they will swim straight. With their lead construction you can manipulate them to swim how you want them to swim. Put more bend into them and they will swim in a tighter wobble. Straighten them out for a more erratic wobble. Thee hand painted tins come with a sharp VMC siwash hook dressed with feathers and mylar for extra flash. If you're fishing from the beach, give an S&S Game Over Tin a try! The smaller ones are perfect for albies and big striped bass can't resist the larger ones!

S&S Game Over Tin are handmade in the USA. They are available in sizes 3/4-3 oz in three great colors. Choose from Pearl, Red Death and Sandeel. If you like quality and performance, add one of these to your surf bag!

Models: GOT-3/4, GOT-1, GOT-1 1/4, GOT-1 1/2, GOT-2, GOT-3