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S&S Bucktails John Skinner Gulf Series Bucktails

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It seems like Florida and the rest of the Gulf states are starting to learn something that the Northeast has known for a very long time - John Skinner is an excellent fisherman and you can learn a lot from him. John's favorite lure is the bucktail and it makes sense that he has seen tremendous success in Florida with S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Bucktails. If you've never fished a premium bucktail before, you're in for a happy little surprise. These bucktails were deigned by S&S with input from John to create the most effective bucktail targeting snook, redfish, tarpon and other Gulf species. S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Bucktails feature a ball bead with huge 3D eyes, a sharp Gamakatsu 604 fixed hook and the right amount of bucktail hair. S&S is known for their durable and beautiful finishes with three coats of epoxy paint followed by a heavy duty clear coat.

Here's what John Skinner has to say about his bucktails: “In backwater environments, prized gamefish such as snook are often tight to the shoreline or mangroves. The challenge for the angler is to cast into water that is often less than a foot deep, and then swim the lure near the bottom as it drops off to deeper water. A small and lightweight bucktail is perfect for this, but the hook needs to be large enough for a trailer such as a 4-inch grub or paddletail to fit properly and securely. Even more important is the hook strength. When a big snook is hooked, it’s headed back to the mangroves, dock, or whatever structure it was holding near. A lot of pressure is required to pull the fish out of danger. These jigs are designed with these requirements in mind. The jighead’s double-barbed collar as well as the hook’s length and gap securely hold trailers such as Berkley Gulp baits and soft plastics while exposing the right amount of hook for easy hooksets. The hooks are needle-sharp to help bury the hook, and strong enough to stop a surging snook from cutting the jig off in the structure. Combined with realistic color patterns of prey commonly found in Southern environments, this is an awesome jig for snook, as well as redfish, speckled trout, and tarpon.” 

John will be fishing with the Gulf Series bucktails design when he is fishing in the Gulf and now you can too! Buy a few S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Bucktails. They are 100% designed by John and brought to life by the great guys at S&S. Made in the USA!

S&S John Skinner Gulf Series Bucktails are available in sizes 3/8-1 oz in Pearl White, Pilchard and Spot. Match the hatch! John Skinner approved.

Models: JSG-3/8, JSG-1/2, JSG-3/4, JSG-1