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S&S Bucktails Northeast Jig Heads

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S&S Northeast Jig Heads are great for striped bass fishing in the Northeast. S&S continues to create compelling fishing products that perform at a high level. These jig heads are built on a super strong and sharp 3X Mustad jig hook. The tear drop shape head is perfect for a wide variety of soft plastics. Basically this jig head will accommodate any plastic shape. S&S Northeast Jig Heads feature large recessed 3D eyes that entice hungry fish to strike. Eyes are coated in two coast of epoxy to make sure they won't come off. These jigs are hand-painted with multiple coats that will stay on longer than other jig heads. If you want a terrific jig head, buy a pack of S&S Northeast Jig Heads!

S&S Northeast Jig Heads are available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 oz. We have them in the two most popular colors - Chartreuse/Glow and White. They are all 100% Made in the USA!

Models: NEJG-1/2, NEJG-3/4, NEJG-1, NEJG-1 1/2, NEJG-2


Color - Chartreuse

Pieces - 1

Hook Size - 8/0

Weight - 2