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S&S Bucktails Rattling Mojo Tandem With Shads

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An S&S Rattling Mojo Tandem With Shads is deadly when targeting big striped bass! This a one of the easiest and most effective techniques when you are going after those big bass. When fishing these we recommend letting it hit the bottom, then cranking three or four times to get it up a little. You will troll it at 4-5 knots and wait for the fish to hit. The lighter of the two lures sits above the heavier one and gives you twice the chances versus a single mojo.  S&S Rattling Mojo Tandem With Shads feature lead heads with four internal rattles and synthetic hair. They are rigged with 100 lb mono, 400 lb 3-way swivels and 200 lb ball bearing swivels. The 4 oz and 8 oz heads come with 10/0 Mustad hooks while the 12 oz and 16 oz feature 12/0 Mustad hooks. There is a durable soft plastic shad on the back of each one. It's best to fish them with a conventional braid setup. Make sure you have a big net because if you fish an S&S Rattling Mojo Tandem With Shads you are going to catch some big striped bass! 

S&S Rattling Mojo Tandem With Shads come rigged with a shad and are available in several colors. Choose from Bunker Bomb, Pearl, John Deere, Diablo, Glow and Wonderbread. The Bunker Bomb and Wonderbread feature a custom 9" shad with a larger thumping tail that has an internal rattle. Made in the USA.

Models: 8 x 4 oz, 12 x 8 oz, 16 x 8 oz