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Salty Crew Fishmas 3-Pack Assorted Socks

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Celebrate the holidays with Salty Crew Fishmas 3-Pack Assorted Socks! Buy them for yourself or for a friend. These mid-calf socks are 97% polyester and 3% elastane so they are comfortable and stretch with your foot as it moves. While it delivers on performance, where these socks shine is in the department of style. Getting noticed on and off the water won't be a problem if you're rocking these socks. If you ever wanted a sock with a bass wearing a Santa hat, this collection is for you. There is also a pair covered in fishing lures and another  in pelagic species. Any angler would love to receive this set of socks for Christmas!

Salty Crew Fishmas 3-Pack Assorted Socks come in a nice red box. The socks are sized 7-11

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