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Salty Crew Fishstone Tee

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The Salty Crew Fishstone Tee is a great looking shirt! Everyone loves the upside down tail that Salty Crew has been putting on their t-shirts for several years. There is just something about it that lets everyone know that you love fishing and that you'd rather be on the water. This 100% cotton tee is extremely comfortable and has a premium feel to it. We are sure it will quickly become one of your favorite shirts. You can wear it on the water or around town. In fact, wear it on the water and then around town. It's as stylish as it is comfortable. If you love fishing in saltwater, buy a Salty Crew Fishstone Tee. 

Salty Crew Fishstone T-Shirts are available in Black and Seafoam in M-XXL. We recommend that you wash your fishing tees in cold water and dry it on a low setting. Looking for a holiday gift, this is it!

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