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Sebile Magic Swimmer

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The Sebile Magic Swimmer is one of the most versatile and realistic baits ever made! Not only does the shape of this jointed bait resemble so many different bait fish, but it swims with an incredibly natural swimming action and can be fished in a wide variety of ways. Try retrieving it at medium and high speeds. Due to the internal power keel, it can also be jerked, twitched or fished on the troll. The Sebile Magic Swimmer features upgraded hardware with a front treble hook and a rear double hook. They are manufactured of hard plastic with beautiful finishes, and 3D eyes. These lures are effective from a boat or the beach. 

Sebile Magic Swimmers are available in 165 slow sinking, 190 floating, 190 fast sinking and 228 slow sinking. The larger models are deadly on the Cape Cod Canal!

Models: MS-165-SSK, MS-190-FL, MS-190-FSK, MS-228-SSK