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Hard Baits

Sebile Stick Shadd Lures

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Sebile Stick Shadd Lures are extremely effective at catching fish! They imitate baitfish and are very realistic when moving through the water. Sebile Stick Shadd Lures feature only high quality components. These hard plastic lures have through-wire construction with heavy-duty split rings and hooks. The belly long keel gives this bait really erratic actions in the water that causes hungry predators to strike! Use them from the beach or the boat. Sebile Stick Shadd Lures are versatile and can be used to catch many species of fish in freshwater and saltwater. 

Sebile Stick Shadd Lures are a favorite of anglers fishing the Cape Cod Canal. These lures are known to absolutely crush big striped bass!

Models: SS-155-SK, SS-182-SK