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Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night by William Doc Muller

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Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night (Revised Edition) By William A Muller is the first book about night surf fishing, and only book devoted exclusively to night surf fishing, is back! This updated edition includes new information, new photos, and discussions about new products. However, we did not throw out the information that was so unique to this book, such as Al Bentsen's chapters on rigging and using rigged eels, Fred Golofaro's chapter on how to fish with live eels, Roger Martin's insight into how to handle night surf fishing safely, and of course, lots of updated chapters by William "Doc" Muller. Other chapters in Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night dig into bait fishing, how to present artificial lures: both large and small, and fishing patterns that can guide an angler to more consistent catches.