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Seigler BF Lever Drag Fly Reels

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Seigler BF Big Game Fly Reels were designed to handle big offshore fish like GTs, tuna and tarpon. Wes loves this type of fishing so he poured all of his passion into creating a unique reel that will absolutely blow away your perception of what a fly reel is. The Big Fly has a lever drag system so you can pre-set your drag and know every single time what your drag setting is. Built of aircraft grade aluminum, the reel is smooth, powerful and a lot of fun to fish. It weighs 11.8 ozs and holds 400 yards of 50 lb braid with a 12wt WF shooting line. If you love throwing flies to big saltwaer fish, a Seigler BF Big Game Fly Reel will give you an advantage over everyone else. You will love it! 

Seigler BF Fly Reels are available in smoke with either silver, red, or blue accents. Made in the USA. These reels come with a lifetime warranty.

Models: BF