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Seigler OS Lever Drag Reels

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Seigler OS Lever Drag Reels are esigned for hunting billfish in bluewater! If you're fishing billfish tournaments, an OS should be on your radar! The Seigler OS is constructed of aluminum with a see through top and features six ceramic and stainless steel ball bearings, an amazing carbon drag system that is designed for fishing with monofilament for billfish. The lever drag system has multiple detents that you can set to 50% power and rigger clip setting. The short arm handle with aluminum ball brings in line at 52" per crank. The Seigler OS has a stepped spool that increases its strength and minimizes mono compaction.  holds 550 yards of 60 lb braid and is perfect for large game fishing! If you love fishing with American made fishing gear, then get yourself a Seigler LG Lever Drag Reel. They come with a lifetime warranty that can't be beat!

Seigler OS Lever Drag Reels are available in three colors in right and handed. Choose from Smoke/Blue, Smoke/Red and Smoke/Silver.

Models: R107R, R108R, R109R