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Seigler SG Lever Drag Reel / Sloopster SLJ66MH Jigging Casting Rod Combo

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Tackling big inshore fish with a Seigler SG Lever Drag Reel paired with a Sloopster SLJ66MH Jigging Casting Rod makes is a wonderful experience. Together they weigh just 23.4 ozs! You can fish this powerful combo all day without getting tired! The Seigler SG is made in the USA and features all aluminum construction with 30 lbs of max drag and a ton of torque! It features six ball bearings for smoothness, has a beefed up anti-reverse and a great aluminum ball handle. Add in a lifetime warranty and you've got one awesome piece of hardware! The Sloopster SLJ66MH Rod is no slouch either. It is incredibly lightweight yet powerful. The SLJ66MH features Fuji hardloy guides which are designed to handle braided lines, a great Fuji graphite reel seat w/ trigger, custom EVA fore and rear grips and a rubber gimbal on the back (just in case you need it). Get yourself a Seigler SG / Sloopster SLJ66MH combo and you will fall in love with fishing all over again. Fill it up with braid and hit the water. This combo is only available at J&H!

The Seigler SG Lever Drag Reel / Sloopster SLJ66MH Jigging Casting Rod Combo is incredibly awesome! If you want to have more fun fishing, this is the combo for you! Available in left or right handed.