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Seigler SG Lever Drag Reels

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Seigler SG Lever Drag Reels have been a force in the industry for several years. You might Know them better by the name Truth Reels, or if you go back further, Release Reels. No matter what name you put on them, they are high quality fishing reels that are 100% made in the USA! The Seigler SG is constructed of aluminum and weighs in at just 13.2 ozs. They feature six bearings including ceramic spool bearings, a deep cut spool that holds 500 yards of 40# braid and a powerful carbon drag system that puts out up to 28 lbs of fish stopping drag! That is a combination that few other reels can match, and certainly not at the price point. Wes and his team believe in their product so much, that not only does he put his name on every one, but they come with a lifetime warranty! No other reel company does that. If you want an extremely versatile reel that is lightweight but powerful as an ox, get a Seigler SG. You will love fishing with this reel!

Seigler SG Lever Drag Reels are available in three great color combinations. All come with a smoke body and you can choose from blue, silver and red accents. Choose from right and left handed models. Clamp set included!

Models: R001R, R001L, R002R, R002L, R003R, R003L