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Shimano Power Pliers

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Shimano Power Pliers are designed for your next fishing trip! Constructed of stainless steel, these pliers are strong, durable and corrosion resistant. They have a Flourine coating to protect them from salt. The serrated blades will easily cut through any braided fishing line. These pliers are spring loaded and Shimano has outfitted them with a one-finger lock for easy storage. At the base of the each handle is a lanyard hole so you can attach it to a belt loop or sheath.

Shimano Power Pliers come in two sizes, 6" and 7". Each has a split ring tool at the top, but the one on the 7" is designed for larger split rings. We recommend the 6" version for #1-#5 split rings and the 7" model for #5-#11 split rings. Both pliers are black. 

Models: ATAD006BK, ATAD007BK