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Shimano ForceMaster Electric Reels

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The Shimano ForceMaster Electric Reels have made their way over from Japan! These popular deep drop reels are all you need to reel in big fish from the depths! Shimano ForceMaster Electric Reels are constructed with Hagane body design, making them extremely rigid and reducing flex. The internal Muteki Plus Motor delivers incredible winding power and speed! With so much power, Shimano has integrated the Heat Free System II to dissipate the motor heat. The Fine Dot LCD Display will display English in crystal clear resolution, even in bright sunlight. Shimano ForceMaster Electric Reels feature the Cross Carbon drag system that puts out 55 lbs of drag at max! All of the electronics are sealed so you can easily wash this reel off. If you are going to be fishing in deep water, an electric reel is a big help and the Shimano ForceMaster is an excellent option!

Shimano ForceMaster Electric Reels are available in 6000 and 9000 sizes. When you choose between the two, go by the line capacity you need.

Models: FM6000, FM9000