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Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reels

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A Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reel is perfect for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing. The Sahara FI has been redesigned with some of Shimano's best technology. This includes X-Ship, Hagane Gearing and a G Free Body, which aids in casting distance and limits fatigue. The Sahara FI is constructed of a lightweight yet durable composite body and has five ball bearings. If you're looking for a fun reel to fish that is powerful and smooth for under $90, get yourself a Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reel. It's also a great backup reel or to keep on the boat for new anglers.

Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reels are available in five sizes. Choose from 1000-5000 sizes. 

Models: SH1000FI, SH2500FI, SHC3000FI, SH4000XGFI, SHC5000XGFI