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Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels

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Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels take fishing to the next level! Shimano has packed the Stella FJ with all of its latest technology to create a reel that is incredibly smooth, powerful and fun to fish! This is as good as it gets and when you pick one up, you will instantly see and feel the quality. A quick turn of the handle and you will notice that it takes less energy to get the gears turning inside the reel. The Stella FJ features a Hagane Body to reduce flex and MicroModule II gearing that makes these reels smoother and twice as strong as their predecessor. Shimano has outfitted it with X Ship, Silent Drive (which eliminates play and reduces tolerances), G Free Body design, thirteen ball bearings and a corrosion resistant finish. Shimano has also designed the reel to cast long distances and has virtually eliminated line twist. One of the major improvements is the switch from CoreProtect to X Protect which makes the Stella FJ five times more water resistant than the previous generation. If you're looking for a new reel for freshwater or inshore saltwater fishing, it doesn't get any better than the Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels. There's a reason anglers all over the world fish Stellas. It's because of their high quality, luxury performance and famous dependability. 

Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels are available in five sizes. The 1000 size features a lightweight MGL rotor. For the first time, there is a 5000 size inshore Stella with a powerful Cross Carbon drag system. Fish them with your favorite braided line.