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Shimano Terez Standup Rods

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Shimano Terez Standup Rods are a new addition to the Terez family. Now available in both straight butt and short curved butts! These rods were specifically designed for anglers who are fishing with braided line on small, powerful fishing reels. The idea behind this is that when you fish with braid, you don't need an 80 or even a 50 size traditional trolling reel. You can use a much smaller, lighter reel and still get the line capacity that you want so why not have a rod that matches up. Shimano Terez Standup Rods are constructed of Shimano's proprietary carbon fiber material TC4, which has proven to be very strong while remaining lightweight. Choose between a custom Shimano carbon straight uni-butt and a custom Shimano carbon short curve uni-butt. The foregrip is an extremely comfortable shrink wrapped grip. If you are looking for a modern standup rod that was built for performance, give a Shimano Terez Standup Rod a try. They pair up perfectly with Shimano Talica Reels. 

Shimano Terez Standup Rods are all 5'6" and are available in black.