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Jigging Spinning Rods

Shimano Trevala F Jigging Spinning Rods

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The original Trevala jigging spinning rod series became so popular with inshore fishermen that Shimano wanted to create a series of rods that were just as lightweight and powerful but were designed specifically for the angler who loves jigging more than anything else. What they came up with are the Shimano Trevala F Jigging Spinning Rods, which take the concept of the Trevala to the next level. They combined a high carbon butt section with Shimano's TC4 material to create a rod that was extremely strong, light in weight and very sensitive. Shimano added upgraded componenets including Fuji SiC guides, shrinkwraped EVA grips and Fuji palm style reel seats. Pair any of these rods with a powerful modern spinning reel, fill it with braided fishing line and you have a very formidable jigging combo.

Shimano Trevala F Jigging Spinning Rods are available in several models. They all come with Shimano's unbeatable lifetime warranty. 

Models: TFS58XXH, TFS58H, TFS63M, TFS63MH, TFS69ML