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Shimano Twin Power FD Spinning Reels

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One of Shimano's finest inshore reels gets a refresh for 2020. Shimano Twin Power FD Spinning Reels are a nice step forward in luxury inshore fishing. Like with all updates, the FD is a more refined reel than its predecessor. Shimano has made the drivetrain more rigid and reduced vibration through the reel yielding better performance. It is smoother, a bit more powerful and lighter in weight. The main gear has been upgraded to the MicroModule II architecture that is smoother and more durable than the previous gear set. Shimano Twin Power FD Spinning Reels are constructed of aluminum an aluminum body with a CI4+ sideplate and an MGL rotor. They feature ten ball bearings and a Cross Carbon drag system that puts out 7-24 lbs of drag at max (depending on the model). X-Protect, a system of seals to keep water and salt from penetrating the reel while not impeding the performance of the reel is built in as is X-Ship. Shimano is terrific at making amazing spinning reels that deliver high performance and last a long time. The Shimano Twin Power FD Spinning Reel fits that description and will take your inshore fishing to new heights. You're really going to love it!

Shimano Twin Power XD Spinning Reels are available in five sizes. 1000, 2500, 3000, 4000 and 5000. The smaller sizes were added this year. Made in Japan.

Models: TP1000FD, TD2500FD, TPXDC3000XG, TPXD4000XG, TPXDC5000XG